150l, 550h, 130d cm | 2,500 kg.


I searched for and assembled the pieces
and I composed my own being
through the bear.

The bear has strength, size
and at some point goes into hibernation.

The bear, without a boss,
playing its own double bass.

In this way it survives in a sterile state
and tries to adapt to new places and times

There is only one way
to find the key to ones inner existence,
to ones deepest inner self:
The way of the shadows
where the player cannot
make out his own shadow.

Not available for sale

First text about emotions

The noisy steel skull
encompasses a fiery mind
and logic fighting an explosive heart
Irregular radionuclides flow
in the spectrum of phenomena,
finally safe from our erotic self.


Rusty, cold steel,
which reflects many emotions.


The steel frame
includes a nuclear reactor
– the core of ones own being –
designed so that
the observer can see and
thus by extension steal glances
of his and my inner self.
Internal energy
must unravel
and claim its place
outside the outer, hard shell.
In plain view this battle takes
place and continues on a daily basis.

For me Contralto symbolises my hometown. One city, one bear!

It represents the exploration and synthesis of the inner world.A giant bear plays the double bass against a backdrop of the addictive reality of a trapped society.

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