Metal is one of the toughest materials, and yet we bend it, shape it, mould it. We are stronger than metal, even when we don’t believe it! – George Bardakas

George Bardakas is a metal sculptor. He was born in Meliti in 1985 and raised in Florina.

Γιωργος Μπαρδάκας
George Bardakas’s exceptionial talent and creativity was first recognized when at the age of 14 he won first prize in a nationwide, state-organised art competition, securing him a place at the School of Fine Arts completing his studies he now specializes in sculpture.
From 2017 he lives and work in Thessaloniki at hes permanent workshop.
He has presented his work in group exhibitions, and in one solo exhibition.
His works exist in private and public collections. The famous sculpture of “Contralto” adorns Alexander the Great Square at the entrance to the city of Florina.

George Bardakas is well known for his iconic sculpture “Kontralto”, a 6m scrap-metal bear, now the official emblem of the city of Florina.